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KLEMOR PARIS VELVET GLOW BODY LOTION | Shea & Vitamin E | Deep Moisturizing | Non-Greasy | Men & Women Daily-Use Moisturizer | Luxury Glow | Velvet Touch For Normal To Dry Skin | 300Gm

  • KLEMOR PARIS VELVET GLOW is the RECOMMENDED BODY LOTION for relaxing and soothing the body's skin with its SKIN-LOVING FORMULA having infusion of Shea and Vitamin E, giving your skin an Ultimate Glow like a Touch of the Luxurious Velvet. 

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: From Normal to Dry Skin, VELVET GLOW body lotion works smoothly with such a finesse on all Skin Types that refreshes your skin beautifully, giving your skin such a soft and gentle feel.

  • NON-STICKY: What's more annoying than a greasy skin? The VELVET GLOW body lotion keeps your skin fresh as spring with it's Non-Sticky application benefits by dispensing it into your palm and gently massaging it over your body, focusing on legs, arms, hands and the dry areas.

  • ANTIOXIDANT: Enriched with Vitamin E, say goodbye to your dry and flaky skin as the VELVET GLOW body lotion quickly absorbs water and also traps it within the skin too, making it a safe protector for your delicate skin.

  • SKIN STRENGTHENING: Its Shea properties improves the skin's natural barrier and acts as a shield from environmental pollutants. It also soothes, relaxes and nourishes your upset skin by making it healthy.

ANTI-AGEING FOR ALL GENDERS: It can heal skin cuts, scrapes, fight breakouts and give you a younger looking skin so smooth like a pretty velvet that is glowing in its natural state. Achieve the Nourishment, Hydration and Deep Moisturization that YOUR SKIN TRULY DESIRES with KLEMOR PARIS VELVET GLOW BODY LOTION.

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