Our Values

At Klemor(PA ENTERPRISES), we believe in delivering the best and most effective customized experience to our patrons. We deeply understand the requirements and concerns of our precious customers. Hence, the formulations are made with international quality ingredients and go through the most stringent standards for testing and safety procedures. We also do not believe in animal testing and are a cruelty-free brand.

Why Choose Klemor?

Klemor goes beyond measure to produce the best quality skin care and hair care products. This includes collecting premium quality ingredients and going through the painstaking procedure of testing the safety, suitability and effectiveness for every unique type of skin, hair and immunity.

During the testing process, varied groups of users are closely monitored for up to or over 28 weeks. Our expert team waits for the groups to show promising results before launching any product into the market.

Besides, every product we formulate is free from hazardous chemicals that may cause harm to your skin, hair and health.