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KLEMOR PARIS LUMIÈRE LUXE | Face Brightening Luxury Ultra Serum

KLEMOR PARIS LUMIÈRE LUXE | Face Brightening Luxury Ultra Serum

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KLEMOR PARIS LUMIÈRE LUXE | Face Brightening Luxury Ultra Serum | Full Day & Night Skin Replenishment | Nourishment | Ultra Hydration | Vit C,E | Alpha Arbutin, Ceramide, 2% Niacinamide, Retinol | For Men & Women | 30ml 

KLEMOR PARIS LUMIÈRE LUXE is an ultra luxury serum for your skin problems. It is an original serum replacing multiple skin products for various skin issues all in ONE BOTTLE. Say 'goodbye' to your multiple serums & hydrating solution bottles and claim your 'hello' to LUMIÈRE LUXE.

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND ALL GENDERS: Apply 3-5 drops of serum to your cleansed face & neck and spread it entirely in a gentle manner. During the sunny day, follow up with sunscreen to ensure full skin protection. You can add very little amount of moisturizer onto the applied area as per your preference. One Serum Layer is enough for your daily-use.

LUMIÈRE LUXEs 10% Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, Ceramide, 2% Niacinamide, Retinol and Vitamin E FORMULA multiplies the power of your skin treatment in providing ultra hydration and moisture to your skin. Its potency helps in curing dull, parched, dehydrated, bumpy and damaged skin with enlarged pores. Your uneven skin tone that has lost elasticity and has fine lines and hyperpigmentation can get an IMMEDIATE RADIANCE like a click of your fingers.

pH FRIENDLY: LUMIÈRE LUXE has balanced pH formulation that is healthy for the skin and does not harm your skin barrier. Absolutely apt for use in the Weather. Skin feels fresh after application. So, you can see your skin beautifully GLOW WITH RADIANCE.

PERFECT TO LAYER WITH MAKEUP: Because of its lightweight, it gets on the skin very quickly due to its absorbing nature. When layered under the Makeup, your skin gets that ULTRA GLOWY TOUCH & FINISH. Experience fading hyperpigmentation and overall BRIGHTENING & SKIN REPLENISHMENT. So, instead of spending time and money on searching multiple products for various skin concerns, SAY YES to the KLEMOR PARIS LUMIÈRE LUXE SERUM.

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