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KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE | Ultra Hydration and Moisturization

KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE | Ultra Hydration and Moisturization

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KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE | Ultra Hydration and Moisturization | Mist & Toner | Pore Tightening | Coconut Water, Pentavin, Lotus, Oats, Green Tea | All Skin Types | 72 Hours | 100ml

  • KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE is the CUSTOMERS' CHOICE 2-in-1 Formulation Mist and Toner. Hydra Wave is designed to cleanse your skin and tighten the pores to give your skin the ultra luxury skin care experience. 

  • 72 HOURS PROTECTION: The Coconut Water, Pentavin, Lotus, Oats and Green Tea- HYDRA WAVE TONER combination prevents skin acne along with the breakouts and shrinks the appearance of the pores by removing the unwanted oil and debris from your skin.

  • DEEP CLEANSE & GLOW: It's intense Hydration and Moisturization power keeps the skin from drying out and stops the dead skin cells from plugging the pores. It's just the kind of toner that you would want to grab to achieve skin cell recovery and get the ultimate glowing skin appearance.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE & FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE can be used not just as a Toner, but it also gives your skin that INSTANT HIT of Hydration as a Mist for all skin types. The Skin feels soft and so gentle to touch.

  • ULTRA REFRESHING & pH CORRECTION: It works nicely as a mid-day mist for your skin by correcting your skin pH in a balanced manner and refreshes yor skin beautifully by infusing nutrition.

  • SKIN TRANSFORMATION: Achieve Skin Anti-Ageing and Pore Minimising effects through HYDRA WAVE's lightweight formula. When you layer it under your preferred serum or moisturizer, experience skin transformation as it quickly absorbs residue-free and repairs your skin. So, get your value for money with the CUSTOMERS' CHOICE LUXURY KLEMOR PARIS HYDRA WAVE Mist & Toner.

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